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Subjective player assessment was yesterday!

                                                        From now on there is
                                                                performance diagnostics
                                    also in amateur and youth football!

True to the motto "every player gets a chance"
What until now only with professional athletes and top clubs was part of everyday life, can now and thanks to the
FFP potential analysis method
can also be used without problems in amateur and youth teams as a performance diagnosis.

True to the motto "Every player a chance" to show scouts and clubs

                                          Players and players of all ages, regardless of clubs and subjective assessments their real potential
                                                                           let scouts and coaches show what's really in them.

   Coaches and supervisors capture their teams completely and through constant performance checks, as well as targeted
                                                                           Training measures, eliminate weaknesses and expand strengths and make more successful.

                             Football-Clubs  Join through cross-team performance diagnostics sporty successful and economical
                                                                            set up stronger and open up completely new ways.

              Football associations broadly install a new tool of talent-sighting and promotion and their country, the
                                                                            Promote clubs and players innovatively.

                Scouts and gamblers in addition to their long-standing sighting methods fast and supportive on data, facts and figures
                                                                            access to capture talent in order to sift, promote and market them.

Hello football player
You know that you're good! Do the others know that too?  Show everyone what's inside you!
Make NOW ...                                                                                               Join in ...
Your personal
FFP potential analysis

47 exercises are waiting for you
47 scores on the scouts!
... in the
FFP Challenge

5 exercises and you are there!
Get your first place in your age group and great prizes!

Hello associations, clubs and private football sponsors
You want to realign your association, club or institution?
Then use the FFP Potential Analysis method. The achievements of players are measured and optimally optimized.
Team potentials are systematically recorded by all children and optimally evaluated in order to achieve continuous support. Additional sources of revenue will be tapped.

Hello coach,

Include your players and find out where your team is really performance related! Use targeted training measures to reduce deficits and develop potential.

Regular team analyzes quickly lead to success!
(see performance diagnostics)

Hello clubs and private
Sports conveyors

Become FFP-PAZ too
(Potential Analysis Center)
and give your club a sporting future.
As an FFP-PAZ, unlimited team analyzes are available.
In addition, you generate revenue by performing FFP challenge events. (see FFP-PAZ)

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